Team member in spotlight: Magnar Vares, our software developer

Today we would like you to meet Magnar, who is our software developer. Magnar is the latest addition to the team, also the youngest of the bunch, but has already surpassed the expectations and excelled at what he does. His colleagues describe him as very social and a great organizer.…

Team member in spotlight: Trevor Himma – our software architect

We are continuing to cast spotlight on our team members and this week we are looking at you, Trevor! Trevor is our software architect and is responsible for leading the development process so things would actually work. He (almost) has a master’s degree in Cyber Security, he just needs to…

Team member spotlight: Germo Hünerson – the head of development team

We have one of the best development teams and we are very happy to bring them into the spotlight, starting with the development project manager – Germo. Germo’s colleagues say that “Germo is a “work hard, party harder” kind of guy. He gets a lot done at work, regularly enjoys…

Kuula – Algorütm: Kas MacBook M1 sobib arendajale?

Algorütmi saates oli külaliseks Snowhoundi kaasasutaja Kait Kasak – tehnoloogiasaates arutati sellel korral selle üle, kas uued Apple M1 protsessoriga arvutid on juba nii valmis, et sobivad arendajatele ka kriitiliste tööde tegemiseks.