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User-friendly digital hotel assistant

HotelBuddy is an all-in-one solution for digitizing hotel administration and offering a smooth visitor experience.


Hannes, the founder of HotelBuddy wanted to create a digital contact-free assistant for hotels that would help them offer an integral visitor experience — from booking the room and services, to ordering room service and completing the check-out process.

He was looking for a software development partner who wouldn’t only perform requested tasks but would actively think along when developing the product, could manage all upcoming obstacles and who he could count on no matter what.

Snowhound team was the answer to Hannes’s quest and also seemed like a good personal match. The latter is especially important for bouncing new ideas and building creative synergy.

Snowhound executed the full software development lifecycle from technical analysis and project planning to development, testing and implementation. We also supported the client with third-party integrations, permissions and documentation. We also helped the client adopt sprint methodology work planning which helps them implement various projects successfully via routine planning and feedback loops.

The completed solution is a modern web application that consists of Java back-end targeted at micro-services and some front-end solutions written in React. Additionally, HotelBuddy is integrated to a number of external services for which Snowhound built many integrations from REST and SOAP protocols to XML and TCP/IP custom solutions.

As a result, the current HotelBuddy solution was born which operates as part of the hotel team. Behind the scenes, HotelBuddy ties together several different systems to offer a smooth user experience for both the staff and the visitors of the hotel — all things get done from one place easily and quickly.

“Our collaboration with Snowhound has been full of exciting challenges but so far we’ve solved them successfully together.

Snowhound team is very friendly, cooperative and great communicators. They always meet their deadlines which is crucial in their line of work!”

Hannes Mulla

Founder of HotelBuddy

Kadi Saadlo

Co-founder of HotelBuddy






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