About us

Our secret weapon is carefully groomed team dynamics. We assemble a specific team for each project — with relevant experience and technical knowledge, motivated and eager to tackle the challenge.

Why work with Snowhound?

We could tell you about agile methodologies, programming languages and development frameworks, but in plain English, working with Snowhound looks like this.

We’re partners every step of the way

We get to know your team and business because we believe that personal match is the key to truly successful projects.

Solution to support your goals

We find technical solutions for your real-life challenges. We dwell on how the finished solution would really support your business goals.

Systematic approach

We work in 2-week sprints, after which we gather your feedback, evaluate the situation, adjust our goals and plan the next activities accordingly.

Clear communication and involvement

We regularly involve you and let your team try out the results. – This way we’ll have a common understanding of the changes and complete the project successfully.

100% goal-oriented

We keep the ultimate goal in constant focus and adjust the direction accordingly. We don’t waste time on fluff that doesn’t take the project closer to the goal.

We keep our promises

We complete our tasks & goals correctly and on time, and keep our promises.  We greatly value our partners’ time.

You can rely on us

We build software solutions that help save your time, money and effort. We also provide personalized training and consultation to help you get the most out of your software.

We’ve been in business since 2014, and today our team includes 20+ people. In 2020, the most prestigious financial newspaper in Estonia awarded us with a Gazelle title. Gazelle is a fast, bold, and flexible company, who has been growing at least 50% throughout the last three years. However, we still highly value controlled sustainable growth, to allow each new team member to become a true Snowhound!